Bagel in Love

Guys. A dancing bagel? Yes. Who can refuse a dancing bagel!

Well. A lot of the characters in Bagel in Love do. Cake, Croissant, Pretzel and Doughnut all flat out refuse to be his dance partner at the Cherry Jubliee dance contest. They’re none too nice about it either.

Bagel refuses to give up! He busts out moves just like the famous Fred Eclair, to no avail.

“Bagel felt crummy.”

And just when it seems all is lost, he hears some fancy footwork in response to his own.

“Out stepped the cutest cupcake Bagel had ever seen. Her frosting was piled high. She smelled oh so sweet.”

(I’ve always thought cupcakes were among the best desserts!).

“You’re an incredible dancer,” said Cupcake. Her eyes twinkled like sugar crystals. Bagel felt all toasty inside. “So are you.” Cupcake blushed red velvet.”

There are a lot of dessert/baked good puns in this bright, lively story. Basically, after reading it I was also starving for a sugary treat because all the pictures are good enough to eat. Although they have faces. I would opt for a non-face option.

It’s colourful, cute and yes, it is even sparkly! There are sparkles in the book. Author Natasha Wing went all out on cutesy puns and illustrator Helen Dardik went all out on big eyes and sparkles. Now excuse me. I need to go find a 1,000 calorie treat.

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