From Twinkle, With Love

I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of “multi-media” novels — that is, ones that are told via journal, or emails or texts or newspaper clippings.

But I barely noticed the format in From Twinkle, With Love by author Sandhya Menon, even though it was told through letters Twinkle writes to her favourite female filmmakers. The story is fresh, engaging and funny. Twinkle is a bit of an awkward teenager.  Her bestie has moved up the social ladder, leaving her behind and pretty lonely. Twinkle herself figures she can’t make the leap unless she dates adorbs Neil Roy, a popular boy she’s had a crush on for ages.

As luck would have it, Neil’s twin brother Sahil asks her to make a movie with him. Since filmmaking, aside from Neil, is Twinkle’s biggest passion in life, she says yes. She directs, and he produces. Their friendship starts to deepen into something more like love when Twinkle starts getting mysterious love emails signed with an N. Uh oh. On top of it, Twinkle is turning into a bit of a director diva and alienating her new friends.

Contemporary YA fiction always shines such a light on the high school struggle. And as much as I enjoy it, I’m always left with a twinge of discomfort remembering my own secondary school experience. Most of the time, I just think whew, I’m glad it’s over. 

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