Love, Mama

Let’s just say I’m a huge sucker for cute, fluffy, illustrated animals and that children’s picture books are a great place to find them. I am one of those people who actually say “awwww” out loud (where people can hear me) when I walk past puppies that don’t belong to me. I never even notice their owners.

Love, Mama has a baby penguin holding a heart on the front cover, so yes, I was going to pick that one up and make little cooing noises to it.

Author/illustrator Jeanette Bradley writes a sweet little story about little Kipling (Kipling!) whose mommy gets picked up by a big ship, because yes, even mama penguins have to travel for work sometimes. She promises to come home soon.

“But Mama didn’t come home for dinner. Or at bedtime. In the morning, Kipling looked everywhere for Mama. But Pillow Mama wouldn’t read, Picture Mama wouldn’t laugh … and Snow Mama was too cold to cuddle.”

At this point, I’m petting baby Kipling and wanting to snuggle his cute fluff, but it’s a picture book so …

Eventually, mama sends him a little package of love, delivered by sea otters, whales and pelicans. And before long, mama comes back.

The illustrations are beautiful and every single animal is adorable and sweet. Clearly, I need a pet.

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