Love, Triangle

So cute! So punny!

I adore cute cartoons and cute children’s books. Also, ones that are unabashedly punny. So Marcie Colleen’s book Love, Triangle, meets my requirements. Adorable shapes; over the top puns; circles wearing Bermuda shorts; a problem resolved with a little ingenuity. What’s not to love?

Circle and Square have been besties since they were teeny weeny. One day, Triangle shows up. Or rather: “… A wedge came between them.”

I’m guessing adults will love this book more than the kids, if only because of lines like that one.

Triangle’s arrival causes things like pizza cravings at lunch, and Egyptian pyramid books missing from the library. Circle and Square vie for Triangle’s attention.

“Circle and Square’s friendship was bent out of shape,” Colleen writes.

Triangle realizes he’s come between them and comes up with a plan to reunite everyone. But he disappears after a tug of war. “Everything had become pointless.”

And Square and Circle need to work together, with their unique qualities and strengths, to solve the problem.

It’s sweet. Funny enough to gloss over the morality tale and super cute. I love all inanimate objects with faces.


Love, Triangle Marcie Colleen:Bob Shea.JPG

Love, Triangle Illustrations.JPG

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