Rules for reading books about love

In a break from our regularly scheduled writers festival books, we’re going to look at love. Well. Sort of. We’re going to look at books with the word ‘love’ in the title. And I can confirm some of these books are not love stories at all: I’m looking at you Love & War and Everything You Love Will Burn: Inside the Rebirth of White Nationalism in America.

So that should be comforting, if love is not your thing. Let’s face it, no one loves other people’s love stories as much as their own anyway.

Here are my extremely relaxed rules for reading books about love.

  1. Books have to have the word love in the title somewhere.
  2. They need to have come out in the past five years. I’ve tried to stick primarily to 2017/2018 but some titles were too intriguing to ignore and they were a bit older.
  3. Books were arbitrarily selected from the library as long as they met the two above requirements and sounded interesting.
  4. Love is diverse—therefore picture books, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, YA etc. are all on the table. How love is represented in books should be too.  
  5. There will only be as many love books as there are days in July. Promise.
  6. Regularly scheduled antics will resume soon. The 2018 Writers Festival is coming.

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